About Ms. Bibliophile

About Me

Hello, my name is Laureen, and I am a bibliophile.

I’m a 30-something-year-old woman, with two great kids, and I love to read. I’m always happiest with a book or two in hand, and I don’t travel anywhere without my handy dandy Kindle. I’ll read just about anything, including the dictionary which I did once in elementary school and again in high school when I started a book of really cool words that I liked.

I was the kid in school who was constantly getting into trouble for reading instead of paying attention, and I don’t regret a thing! Now, I wind up staying up all night in order to finish a book and maybe start reading the next one.

Many of my books are borrowed from friends, family, and Kindle Unlimited. My house has 7 bookshelves that are stuffed with books, and I’ve probably only made my way through a third of them.


Sometimes I receive and review books from publishers and authors; I am not paid for my reviews, and will never accept payment for said reviews. I am always happy to receive a book, either as an e-book or a physical copy. I only review books that I enjoy reading. Receipt of a book is not a guarantee that it will be reviewed.

I publish reviews within a two-week window around when the book is published and cross-post to GoodReads, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

I can be reached at reviews@msbibliophile.com, or a physical copy can be sent to:

Ms. Bibliophile c/o Laureen Guldbrandsen
Box #1149
Gibbons, AB T0A 1N0

Happy reading!