Reap the Wind

October 5, 2015 Reviews 0

Reap the WindReap the Wind (Cassandra Palmer, #7) by Karen Chance
Published by Signet Select on November 3rd 2015
Pages: 514
Format: ARC

You’d think that being Chief Seer for the supernatural world would come with a few perks. But as Cassie Palmer has learned, being Pythia doesn’t mean you don’t have to do things the hard way. That’s why she finds herself on a rescue mission skipping through time—even though she doesn't entirely understand her dimension-bending new power.
Rescuing her friend John Pritkin should have been an in and out kind of deal, but with the near-immortal mage’s soul lost in time, Cassie has to hunt for it through the ages—with Pritkin’s demon dad in tow. He’s the only one who can reverse Pritkin’s curse, but with the guardians of the time-line dead set on stopping anyone from mucking about, Cassie will have to figure out how to get her friend back without ruffling too many feathers—or causing a world-ending paradox or two...

This was laugh-out-loud funny in a couple of places. My luck, I happened to be in a public place while I was reading so I got a few looks for sitting there and giggling at my book. But you know what? Totally worth it!

Like almost every book in this series lately, there is a lot of jumping through time, and all over the place. It almost gets too hard to keep track of it all, especially when Cassie is crossing her own timeline. At the same time, it’s refreshing to see Cassie starting to learn her powers. I feel like by book seven she should have a better handle on things. She’s still clumsy and all over the place, but she is starting to shape up. And while she starts to shape up, things are starting to heat up with Pritkin. (Rawr! Much heat ahead!)

Very little to do with Mircea, but there is a scene involving him that had my jaw dropping! I flailed about, got more strange looks and muttered some at my book. I really have to be more careful about what I read in public. Or at least how I react in public!

My favourite characters in this novel were Rosier (and who would have thought that could happen? Rosier with his man purse is amazing.) and Rhea (who turns out to not be a major pushover after all!). Billy was barely around, sadly, since he’s usually one of my favourites. And young Pritkin was a hoot. And hot… make that extra steamy. *fanning self* I have ached for some of these scenes to happen for far too long. There is still a lot more to come in regards to the Cassie/Pritkin relationship, though. I can’t wait for more to happen there because I am definitely shipping the two of them together.

The pacing is all over the place, and it feels like Karen Chance is trying to cram as much into this book as she can, with multiple subplots and tangents. It kept the book interesting, but at the same time left many unresolved issues at the end. I was really disappointed with this book for that reason. I really enjoyed reading it, but it wasn’t a satisfying read. I’m hoping that when the next book comes out it will answer some of those questions I had during this book and give me a more resolved ending, even if it won’t be the last in the series. Cliffhangers are rough, yo!05

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